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Cooking on your vehicle's engine is fun!

Why not cook food on your vehicle's engine, I ask you. It's fun, there's a fabled tradition, and it can actually save you meal preparation time if you're traveling to a family dinner. Get auto loan financing for your new car.

Get everything you need

To be able to pull off a successful engine-block cooking endeavor, you'll need tin foil, tongs, an oven mitt, plates, cutlery and, of course, the food.

Incredible parking spots for your auto satisfaction

Have you ever experienced the ideal park? Leaving your vehicle safe and secure, in optimal position for your comings and goings, is exhilarating in its own way. Some of the most incredible parking spaces can leave a motorist filled with shock, at the good serendipity of it all. If you think finding parking in a dingy dive of a garage is depressing, imagine parking your car in one of these places. You can figure out how to buy used car that will work best for you.

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