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The film organization inside the womb that gets into a womb muscle layer, the similar meeting repeats a growth and sheds off under the function of estrogen of process, form "menstruation"."But through blood at the womb muscle layer can not eject in addition to body, the meeting accumulate to gather in the womb muscle layer and arouse ache and womb aggrandizement."The expert says that be taken bad initial stage because of blood clot less, ache still not serious, but deepen blood clot to increase along with the course of illness, the ache for sufferer to menstruates tide will also turn worse gradually."The film difference in the womb disease much occurrence in the ovary part, but the womb gland muscle disease then outbreak in the womb michael kors outlet store, the consequently former ache part much is two sides at the lower abdomen, but womb gland muscle disease of the ache part is in the abdomen exact center and mostly.", Call on the medical science it for carries on sex pain after the hair through, that kind of the ache of the dilatability is is hard to bear with, the sufferer usually consequently does a some extreme behavior, Ms. Liu is an one of them.

In addition, because the blood clot of womb muscle layer can not eject, it will let womb continuously the inflation enlarge cheap moncler.And because fall ill behind the environment in the womb variety, isn't suitable for baby's growth, also arouse barren or again and again have a miscarriage."There is research proof, there aring 1% womb gland the muscle patient'ses around will take place bad change."The expert says that this is direct to influence the sufferer's life span.

Gao Fa's age of the womb gland muscle disease is 30~40 years old.Ba thin weak acidity gynecology Ning dew expert remind a female friend, if there is before no pain through the female of the history of disease, at the burst upon to turn worse gradually of after hair pain through, and accompany with amount of menstruation to enlarge, should arouse a vigilance, go to hospital to carry on a profession check in time, see whether get the womb gland muscle disease.

"Unless have no alternative, the female don't has a gynecology check, either during the period of usual holiday."Fu check's canning not help will have some actions that press to press as well as arouse the temple chamber pressure aggrandizement.

Prevent°from:Don't let the womb easily get hurt

To prevent°from the womb gland muscle disease the most direct method is to protect good womb, don't let it is easily subjected to injury.The Ba thin weak acidity gynecology Ning dew expert suggests that the female doesn't eat the food of stimulative during the period of usual holiday."Leading is hot, lead cold food will arouse womb constringency, temple chamber pressure enlarge, the film inside the womb may be squeezed into wall inside the womb moncler outlet."

Film inside the womb why will "drill" into a very thick womb muscle layer?This has something to do with the wall inside the womb that various reason arouses' getting hurt and for example take wreath and diagnose to pare off etc., all probably result in wall inside the womb's appearing wound, let the film inside the womb organize "gain an advantage but go into".But the film inside the womb is again a kind of and again reborn organization again, can radicate to grow in any part inside the body."Especially doing to lead a female who produce, have a miscarriage the surgical operation now is more and more michael kors outlet, the wall inside the womb is subjected to several rates of the wound to also consumedly increase.I once got in touch with of in the patient, all of great majorities is once grow of or have already had a miscarriage a history."[Guided reading]be told by the tradition to want to actively add nutrient of new mothers, pig's knuckles soup, the Ji fish soup and chicken soup you each one can drink bottom?Did a day 5 eggs make you spoil appetite?Drank so much soup why is the canned milk still not enough?How eat can promise nourishment, and can promise health?