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the matter could do of status moncler outlet online;Policy and place everywhere adding protect problems like doctrine,etc and make annex reorganization more difficult;Finally, the profession meager profits lets the financial capital get into medicine retail price profession little of again little, make the speed of industry integration be partial to slowly cheap moncler.

"The gross profit rate of the whole profession the maintenance is about 5%, have of even not arrive 2%~3%, a lot of statuses that are placed in to lose money in business to earn to threaten."Lu Jun said that in this case, a lot of business enterprises of large-scale extend, annex" replication"loss in business.

Lately cure to change measure michael kors factory outlet, due to in advance and first trying in Guangdong region pharmacy in Guangdong first feels that the medicine separates the impact that brings retail.For enter to cure the drugs of protecting the catalogue, the sufferer was basic to choose three A hospitals and community hospital to buy a medicine, but abandonned to retail a pharmacy at first.

Face this kind of situation, a lot of medicine stores chose to care article and cosmetics, but the pharmacy is in the end a pharmacy, they don't conduct how should the drugs live?

But the traditional run by private capital medicine shop front face the scissors differ of double blade threat, the underneath a pair of scissors blade is that the rent is more and more expensive, begs low rental to clip to sew in the competition of business store, the equal company spreads position to doing other businesses all is larger than conducting the rental cost of medicine store acceptance dint;The top a pair of scissors blade is a retail price more and more low, the price war more plays more strong.The nation added cures to change a policy of thorough, community clinic of pre-eminent squeeze, reposition of redundant personnel quota in the prescription drug market, the medicine store is whole and hard for after.

Lately cure to change background dosage a store how break through siege?

Several retail price medicine store representative director point out, along with"the medicine divides inheritance" each policy of gradually implementation, retailing the competition of of medicine store will also become too intense more, in the future decide medicine store success or failure of won't only is drugs, lie in more the medicine store can provide of increase in value service.

The influence that lately cures to change to retail profes