Friday should focus on the nine potential shares on Thursday need to guard

Friday should focus on the nine potential shares on Thursday need to guard

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< 01227.HK > published in 2011 , recorded a loss of 185 million yuan loss per share of 1.26 yuan , relatively The annual net profit of 40.76 million yuan . Not Red bottom shoes dividend. ( de / d ) 180 million full-year transfer corrosion of the National Investments

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market participants Please note that the National Investments Fund Limited ( The old shares 28/03/2012 (Wednesday) , a securities code is 2999 ​​and the Securities referred to as the temporary layout of the new shares Rolex replica watches per 1,000 shares for trading in the layout of the trading unit (stock code: 1227 ) .

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National Investments NAV is 17.2 cents by the endFake rolex watches  of March, Apr 11, 2011 4:35 p.m. [the city concern】 Kunimori the termination of network TV business Convertible gone against the tide to go soft March 09, 2011 1:40 p.m. National Investments terminate with an independent third party to exchange shares on March 09, 2011 10:25 country Sheng Investment announced the termination of an independent third party exchange of shares March 9, 2011 10:22 National Investments termination of the exchange of shares memo Replica watches on March 09, 2011 07:52

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[NARI] authoritative department disclosed an Replica watches operating internal reference] have this idea that they lose badly [the market outlook cliff-style slump has quietly hit the brick house view] Ye Tan: the construction of high-speed rail will break the market outlook] Friday market may go Forum Thermal


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Fund dynamic one hundred billion fund wedding gowns companies in the six speaker fund positions and social security funds jiacang 6 stocks the fund casual chat] Internet users behind! The Yawei cool Fund dynamic social security as well as big action fund of fund positions] in turn triggered the stock market the changes


Gold Forum] [Buffy short prom dresses financial QE3 Prom Dresses 2012 goes, repeat, and Beth old Gold sexy prom dresses Forum] [Security benefits to] retail how to maintain stable earnings [Gold Forum] [Sheng financial - the Xie domain Cong Bernanke does not give the gold forum] [gold and silver researcher - Yan Fang On April 26th spot [ ,],[factors that heighten the market 22 blue chip stocks are now jiacang signal [market] GEM really Rolex watches fake good show the main large amount of money to buy shares of the main single large-scale buy stocks at a glance [produced by] natural gas 1.2 Five-Year Plan pending reform pilot is expected to expand [Comments] want to start China A-Wedding dresses share bull market outlook [fund] plus size Bridesmaid Dresses Fund holdings of 265 Yawei ranking rose [commercial] 12 constellations office feng shui inventory 17 the billionaire female Fupo [figure] degree mother sexy Private Shots Mao Ning Yang Yuying kiss play ambiguous [real estate] yangyuying mansion lady living stem Lulu large-scale luxury photo [ ,],[S & P cut SReplica watches omega pain rating to BBB + euro pared gains [futures] Affordable Wedding dresses Four Highlights Qing Dynasty Queen's gold beautiful gold products | | map [insurance] 51 hikers how to travel? Zhang Rensheng necessary insurance [bank] CCB explosion suspects to death apology, Morgan Stanley to bribe Chinese officials [bond] credit debt into a good investment of the bond market to go flat pattern will continue to [private] hot money speculation of financial reform, the share THROWBACK Jerseys map Premier Wen led the rumors and internal reference [trust] real estate investment trust to the sudden increase prove safety Futures private product a valuable commodity [video] Who solution of the Bureau of Petroleum Bureau TV network copyright amazing price [business travelers] cf: Past and Present May Day Raiders [books] of 1883 defeated a group of Shanghai real estate market crash Lin Biao where to start [consumer] Maotai outlets opening: 53 1519 yuan each purchase of six bottles of [life] Film Festival red carpet MO small chess large scale Qiangjing of The Ice also Nandi

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QFII expansion jiacang A shares bargain-hunting you? Before the holiday is the holding or holding money? Property market, price cuts spread from the suburbs of the city to Iraq: the heart of the exposure response industry overall situation

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Fri should focus on nine potential shares need to be alert on Friday 6 stocks (list) bank shares announced quarterly results, BOC Hong Kong highlights April 26 accusing him of the latest stock investment recommendations and ratings at a glance Li Xueming resigned Everbright International Vice Chairman and Executive Director Comments received: The Hang Seng Index closed up 0.79% of the transaction remains in the doldrums Everbright The international president said the board realized that Li Xueming other names of the United States l Mainland railway stock rating to neutral CSR rating to buy Minsheng Bank first quarter results beat Wall Street forecasts record listing of H shares the assessment of a new high since the afternoon: HSI half-day rise of 0.51 percent in early trading within a narrow range Thursday should focus on the nine potential shares on Friday should focus on the nine potential shares on Thursday need to guard against the six stocks (list) need to be alert on Friday 6 stocks (list) policy to support positive within the room shares preferred overseas and Evergrande Everbright International Vice-chairman and executive director of Li Xueming resigned Mainland solid cast gradual recovery LI Xueming flash resignation announcement concerned about the construction and building materials stocks still Cheng unclear Everbright Department oscillation, April 25 the Dahon latest stock investment advice and ratings at a glance banking stocks to report quarterly results BOCHK there are bright spots