Supersanremo 1992 CD2 by Pop - Various Artists MP3 Download GQ UKY

Supersanremo 1992 CD2 by Pop - Various Artists MP3 Download GQ UKY

Artist: Pop - Various Artists, Album: Supersanremo 1992 CD2

Supersanremo 1992 CD2


Genres Pop, Album: Supersanremo 1992 CD2
Original Release Year: 0
Format: Mp3 file
MP3 Bitrate: 320Kb

1...Song: Che ne Sai della Notte, Duration: 3:56, Download File: che-ne-sai-della-notte-kcqz.mp3
2...Song: Ti penso, Duration: 4:18, Download File: ti-penso-oqfa.mp3
3...Song: Amica di Scuola, Duration: 3:48, Download File: amica-di-scuola-vbrc.mp3
4...Song: Io Ti daro, Duration: 4:41, Download File: io-ti-daro-stjb.mp3
5...Song: Pe dispietto, Duration: 3:31, Download File: pe-dispietto-okjr.mp3
6...Song: Sai Cosa Sento per Te, Duration: 3:56, Download File: sai-cosa-sento-per-te-hgfg.mp3
7...Song: Piccola Africa, Duration: 4:01, Download File: piccola-africa-g-ah.mp3
8...Song: Quelli Come Noi, Duration: 4:35, Download File: quelli-come-noi-rdsj.mp3
9...Song: Ma ti Sei Chiesto Mai, Duration: 4:19, Download File: ma-ti-sei-chiesto-mai-l-oa.mp3
10...Song: Un uomo in piu, Duration: 4:11, Download File: un-uomo-in-piu-bz-l.mp3
11...Song: Come Una Turandot, Duration: 3:57, Download File: come-una-turandot-zmga.mp3
12...Song: Principessa scalza, Duration: 3:48, Download File: principessa-scalza-.y.a.mp3
13...Song: Io scappo via, Duration: 3:06, Download File: io-scappo-via-rxhc.mp3

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