African Medical Mission

Changing Lives One at a Time
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Our Mission is to provide free medical care to the hurting and the needy. Providing hope for the less privileged through free health care services in rural African villages.


The goals of the medical mission are:

  • To provide treatment to rural women and children
  • To promote healthy living through education and disease prevention
  • To provide medicines, supplies and equipment to rural clinics and village dispensaries

OGWA SYNERGY is assembling a team of Health Care professionals consisting of Medical Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, medical students, and non-medical volunteers for a short term Medical Mission Trip to Africa.

A reputable medical professional based out of Los Angeles, California will lead the Team. The team will be going to Nigeria, West Africa with medicines, equipments and medical supplies worth thousands of dollars. We need your help!

The team will be primarily focused on the treatment of common ailments and the provision of essential medicines. In addition, the team will provide health education on healthy living, prevention and personal care.

Volunteer Needs:

We need volunteers for the medical mission. We welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer. All your talents are capable of being used productively in our missions. We especially welcome any medically trained volunteers.

None of our doctors and volunteers (Registered Nurses & others) is paid. All graciously donate their time free. They say that the medical missions, being “sponsored by God”, is its own reward. Most of our volunteers practice in the United States. They donate their time to our missions as a way to “give back” something to the poor and the needy.

Material Needs:
We welcome donations from Pharmaceutical companies, doctors and hospitals of used working medical equipment X-ray, EKG & anesthesia machines, operating room & surgical supplies.

We accept the donation of vitamins & other medicines for the medical mission patients (We also accept free samples). Donations of these are gratefully accepted. As an adjunct to our missions, we will educate the mission patients and accompanying relative(s)) about:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Good nutrition & diet
  • Prevention of disease


There is a great need for doctors, nurses, premed and medical students to help out with volunteer work. This kind of hands-on work in developing countries encourages more students to think about careers in health care. Mission work can enhance the resume for students and builds family values between parents and children. If you are interested please sign up using the volunteer form to the right.

Join us!  You have the satisfaction of having made a difference, volunteer (or if you know others who might be interested) please contact Bismarck Nwadike at 1-714-248-6615 or email us at info@ogwasynergy.org