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(1)The food of function that is much proper to eat to have anti- tumor:Hou, sea horse and terrapin, Long Zhu Cha and hawthorn.

(2)Bleed proper eat sheep blood, Luo lion and thin vegetables, squid and Ji vegetables, Ou and mushroom, Ma-lan head and stone ear, Fei son and persimmon of a round flat cake.

(3)Be infected proper eat eel, text clam and water snake, needle fish and carp, the vegetables of Qi Lin and celery, sesame and buckwheat, rape and joss-stick of Chun, red bean and green lentil.

(4)The stomachache, abdominal distension is proper to eat a pork kidney, red bayberry, hawthorn moncler jakets, orange round flat cake, walnut and chestnut moncler outlet.

(1)Avoid smoking, wine.

(4)Hate mutton, dog meat, Chinese chives and pepper etc. to warm up to move blood food

(2)Hate spring onion moncler outlet online, garlic, Jiao, and cassia...etc. stimulating food.

(3)Hate greasy, fry in oil, the mildewed change, pickle food.

Above is the Anne expert of a dollar hall nest to explain in detail for everyone:Is Anne of the nest the best ovary skin care products eat what can prevent°from an ovary bag swollen?You can visit the Anne official site of nest to look into more this text- related articles.wbTen inside editors in the river hospital in Peking press: ovary bag which checks should the swollen sufferer have?Everyone knows the ovary bag is swollen to is one of familiar gynecology tumors, and diagnoses a difficulty in early days, while resulting in to confirm for this later period the sufferer was more.Is the ovary bag swollen to want to have which checks?We come to the introduction for seeing.

The ovary bag swollen sufferer should have which checks"/>

Is the ovary bag swollen to want to have which checks?Generally speaking, the female can pass gestation experiment whole digest way the X line clairvoyance, womb fallopian tube build shadow, the vein pelvis build to copy a super voice diagnosis or CT and MRI, and separately under the special circumstances the application belly cavity wear to stab the belly cavity mirror check, Pou stomach to fish for etc. carry on whether the check gets an ovary bag swollen.The ovary bag is swollen is a vagina in the middle of the officer a kind of outbreak lead higher, and more familiar kind of benign tumor, it can is divided into to glue the liquid bag gland lump and strach the liquid bag gland lump and positive Ji foetus lump etc..The different bag is swollen all different to the female's injuries, but the ovary bag is swollen usually can appear between the 20-50-year-old female.

Once discovering the bag is swollen, for the sake of whether diagnosis belongs to cancer, the vagina fore basic virtues is colourful super to have important clinical meaning.If being a function the bag is swollen, the bag is swollen to narrow or disappear while checking once again.If the reexamination bag is swollen don't disappear or on the contrary become ache, aggrandizement, must go a belly cavity mirror to fish for Shu when it's necessary www.moncleroutletskys.com.Actively adopt tiny create the belly cavity mirror machine Shu of direct treatment, relieve danger.