Visiting Stellenbosch this Summer Season

Visiting Stellenbosch this Summer Season

If you are touring South Africa on your next holiday vacation, do make it a point to visit the beautiful quaint city of Stellenbosch which is located just 50 kilometers east of Cape Town. You could reach this town very easily by engaging car rentals from Cape Town or you could even take the bus or train route. This city is well connected with other main cities of South Africa. Located in the banks of Eerste River, sheltered in the valley between the mountain areas of Cape Winelands, this city presents wonderful natural sceneries for you to enjoy. Stellenbosch is popularly known as the City of Oak because there are numerous huge magnificent oak trees around the city area. These oak trees were planted by its founder Simon van del Stel. He desired to beautify the streets and lanes of this town with oak trees. Thus the oak trees became an integral part of the town's history. Stellenbosch is becoming increasing popular amongst vacationers. Many thousands of tourists visit this place every year because this city offers a calm laid back atmosphere with numerous picturesque sight seeing spots that makes it perfect for a relaxing holiday time, just like Stellenbosch Hotels.

Stellenbosch is one among the popular vacations destinations of South Africa because this city enjoys pleasant climatic conditions all year round. The temperature during the summer months is not very harsh and typically vary between 20-30 degrees. The winter months are mildly cool at 15-18 degrees. The day time lasts well over 15 hours giving you plenty of time to enjoy the scenic beauty of the city and its adjoining areas. Stellenbosch is also popular for its wine route. This area is one amongst largest producers of wine not only in South Africa, but in the entire world. The dark soil of this area and mediterranean climatic conditions are particularly suitable for grape cultivation. Viticulture and viticulture research is the popularity of this area. Many holiday-makers visit Stellenbosch to have the experience of its popular wine route. You could enjoy some of the finest wines of the country and traditional South African food delicacies here. The main town area is filled with eateries, restaurants and pubs so you will never go hungry.

Stellenbosch presents everything that a vacationer can expect from a quaint town that is set in a hilly area. There are many awe-inspiring scenic spots to enjoy. A stroll around the main streets of the town will present views of well maintained old buildings which give the feel of rich historical past of this countryside. The residents of this town are warm and friendly and they are ever willing to help the tourists so that they can have a comfortable stay. There is also a great deal of accommodation in Stellenbosch to pick from for your getaway or business trip. From Hotels, Guest Houses as well as Self Catering stays.

Things to do in Stellenbosch

A visit to the Museum:
If you would like to learn more about the historical past of this town, how it evolved through the various eras and about the cultural history of the native people, you have to pay a visit to the Stellenbosch Village Museum. The museum comprises of four houses which are well maintained with beautiful gardens around them.

Enjoy the beauty of flora at Botanical Gardens-Stellenbosch botanical garden is popular for its beautiful bonsais, ferns and orchids. The garden is open for tourist visit from 9am-4.30pm on weekdays and on Saturdays it is open only up to 11am.

Sasol Art Gallery:
For any person who is interested to see excellent pieces of artwork, then the art gallery of Sasol is certainly the place to be. Housing 19th and 20th century artworks, artifacts from the prehistoric Klasies River Cave, clothing, and weaponry, Sasol Art Gallery will delight your eyes with all the various art and historical pieces there.

Wine estate tour- While you are in Stellenbosch, a visit to the Warwick Wine estate is a must. This is regarded as one of the first winery properties of this town. A visit to the winery offers conventional wine tasting, renowned Gourmet Picnic and lot more. The child-friendly atmosphere of the place makes it a perfect tour for your family

Van Ryn?s Distillery:
This is one more famous attraction of this Stellenbosch. The distillery is located in an awe-inspiring picturesque location. Your children will certainly enjoy the tour around the distillery where the various stages of the distillation process would be demonstrated to them. The brandy and chocolate tasting experience is the best part of this tour.